Ars Technica Reviews Parallels Desktop 5

Posted on November 24, 2009 by

Dave Girard over at Ars Technica has an interesting review of Parallels Desktop 5.  I gave up on Parallels after having nothing but problems with versions 1-3.  It sounds like they’ve added some cool new features, but they may not outweigh all the issues this software is still having.  Read the full review here.

From the article:
Parallels Desktop 5 vs VMWare Fusion 3

Here is where the two big dogs of Mac virtualization shine:

Parallels Advantages:

  • Faster VM suspend/resume
  • Windows XP OpenGL is the most solid implementation around
  • Faster DirectX 9.0c implementation (but still has problems)
  • 8-core support (VMWare Fusion maxes out at four)

VMWare advantages:

  • Stability. It’s no stretch to say that Parallels Desktop 5 has a lot of issues. VMWare Fusion 3’s problems are limited to its new OpenGL driver but everything else is remarkably stable and reliable. This is in sharp contrast to Parallels Desktop 5, which has a laundry list of big issues with everything new and old. Even in Windows XP 32-bit, it threw up three BSODs in less than a week of using it.
  • 64-bit across the board. Both the kernel extension and VMWare Fusion 3 application are 64-bit.
  • Installation. VMWare installs with all client OSes are smooth, even before you get the VMWare Tools installed. On Parallels, you’re often dealing with mouse input and screen size issues until you get the tools installed and reboot. On Linux it seems, the Parallels installer assistant is the problem.

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