The Washington Post on Buying Home Computers: Mac vs. Windows

Posted on November 30, 2009 by

Rob Pegoraro at the Washington Post has an article about buying home computers, and the “Mac or Windows issue.”  He makes a few good points, but overall he seems a little uninformed.  Pegoraro talks about buyer’s remorse when it comes to computers, but he fails to mention that the buyer’s remorse is on the Windows computers, not the Macs.

“Across the universe of gadget gifts, few things can inspire more angst and buyer’s remorse than home computers. Even as their prices have crumbled — processors and memory have become so cheap that your main risk is buying more of either than you’ll ever use — these machines have remained specialized, often high-maintenance products. You cannot shop for them by price alone; buying a computer still demands a series of decisions with non-obvious answers.”

“Both Microsoft and Apple have updated their operating systems this year. Windows 7 represents a bigger improvement relative to its predecessor, the widely disliked Windows Vista, while Apple’s Mac OS X Snow Leopard has been somewhat disappointing in practice. But the Mac’s core advantages over Windows persist.” Notes: “bigger improvement”?  What did they improve?  It’s basically Windows Vista with a different name.

“It’s fair to call a Mac a luxury. It’s more affordable than many other luxuries, but see what your bank account has to say first.” Notes: Luxury?  Let’s just call it a dependable computer.  The Mac is not overpriced, you get exactly what you pay for, a computer immune to all the malware that is plaguing Windows computers these days.

Read the entire article here.

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