OPINION: Verizon iPhone deal may not happen anytime soon

Posted on December 2, 2009 by

Kaufman Bros. analyst, Shaw Wu, gives some reasons why Verizon may not get the iPhone in the near future.  Apple’s exclusive deal with AT&T is expected to end in the summer of 2010, but Wu notes that AT&T may try and get the contract extended.  Another problem could be from what is said to be the “conflicting interests” of Apple and Verizon.  Both companies are driven by a disire for high profits, as well as customer control.  Verizon supposedly already turned Apple down before the AT&T exclusive contract.  Most likely the reason was because Verizon wanted more control of the content on the iPhone with their V Cast network.  If Verizon became an iPhone partner, they may try to put their own app store on it, which Apple will most likely deny.

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