Control Your Mercedes with your iPhone

Posted on December 3, 2009 by

With the Mercedes-Benz mbrace app for your iPhone, you can interact with your vehicle from the palm of your hand.  The app is free, but you may need to check your bank account before purchasing a compatible car.

Forgot to lock your car door or locked your keys inside your vehicle? Lock and unlock vehicle doors using the mbrace mobile application. Simply enter your mbrace account number and secure PIN, and press the Lock or Unlock button to send the request to your vehicle.

Can’t remember where you parked your Mercedes-Benz? View your vehicle’s current location on a map by pressing the Locate button. The mbrace mobile application sends a signal to your vehicle requesting its GPS coordinates and receives a response back telling you where it is. There’s no need to remember to mark your location prior to leaving your vehicle.

Need to contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer or find a local dealership in your area? Select the Dealer tab to view your dealer’s contact information and search for nearby Mercedes-Benz dealerships. 

Note: You must be an active Mercedes-Benz mbrace subscriber to access the mbrace mobile application. For more information about Mercedes-Benz mbrace and how to become a subscriber, visit or see your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer for complete details.

Features & Benefits:

• Securely lock* and unlock your Mercedes-Benz vehicle doors

• Find your vehicle on a map**

• Contact Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance for help

• Search for nearby Mercedes-Benz dealerships

• View your key mbrace account and vehicle information

• Contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer to conveniently schedule a service appointment or speak to a sales representative

• Call Mercedes-Benz mbrace Response Center for questions regarding your mbrace account

• Call Mercedes-Benz Financial Client Care Center for account assistance

• Secure system validates user’s credentials prior to allowing access to the application 

• Simple and intuitive user interfaces allow for quick and easy navigation

*Door lock service is only available on the following Mercedes-Benz models: MY07 and later S-Class and CL-Class, MY08 and later C-Class, MY10 and later E-Class and GLK-Class.

**Vehicle must be within 1 mile of the user to be located in order to prevent improper use of this feature.

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