Air hockey games for iPhone

Posted on December 8, 2009 by

Macworld has reviewed three different air hockey games for the iPhone.  Check out the reviews here.

From the article:
For those who remember the early days of Mac, you might recall a fun (but colorless!) game from Broderbund called Shufflepuck Café. You whacked a puck around, hoping to get a goal. For those in a nostalgic mood, or who want to re-create the hectic action of the real-world version—available at a bowling alley near you—air hockey on the iPhone takes advantage of the touchscreen display and exceptional sound on the device.

Each of the three games I looked at for this round-up supports two-player mode on the same screen, which is rather unique for iPhone games. And they have background music, AI settings, and color options. But which one is the best?

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