OPINION: We are all in for a very big surprise with Apple’s tablet

Posted on December 28, 2009 by

Arik Hesseldahl at BusinessWeek says to expect the unexpected when it comes to Apple’s rumored tablet computer.


“The speculative madness surrounding Apple’s rumored tablet computer has finally reached its frothy peak,” Arik Hesseldahl sprinkles some cinnamon on top for BusinessWeek.

“Tech’s chattering classes are obsessed with the unconfirmed product, which Apple may announce at an event in January, or February, or March, depending on which set of reports you adhere to. Apple, not surprisingly, is mum,” Hesseldahl reports. “The hunger for information—and misguided speculation—reminds me of the mistaken prognosticating about the iPhone before its introduction three years ago. It may be time to step back and realize that Apple may uncork a product so surprising that the company again leaves the tech industry scrambling to catch up to its products’ smooth operation and sleek design.”

“Looking back at Apple rumor site postings in the months leading up to its debut, I noticed how far off the mark many were about the iPhone’s looks, Apple’s partners, and who the carrier would be who could resell it. For example, enthusiasts’ home-made design drawings that emerged on rumor sites showed a phone that sported a navigation wheel similar to the iPod’s. Others imagined the iPhone would have a slide-out keyboard,” Hesseldahl reports. “Few saw the potential for a touch-sensitive display, which eventually became the signature design element of the iPhone and iPod touch.”

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