RUMOR: Apple tablet has front camera

Posted on December 31, 2009 by

From Electronista:
Former Google China president and now Innovation Works head Kai-fu Lee has stirred attention over Apple’s rumored tablet this week with an update to his 163 mini blog claiming knowledge of the device. The executive, who claims an “informed friend,” says the tablet has the predicted 10-inch screen and resembles a “large iPhone.” While multi-touch and 3D support are expected, he adds that the tablet has a front camera for video chats, making it a first of the sort for any Apple handheld.

Lee’s witness adds that the tablet purportedly has an “amazing” interface and will include a significant e-book component, though whether the interface is any different than for an iPhone or iPod touch isn’t stated. He does reinforce rumors that Steve Jobs will launch the device at a January event and echoes the widely assumed belief that the end price will be below $1,000.

Aside from his Google experience, Lee’s mention is significant as Innovation Works considers contract assembler Foxconn, which regularly manufactures Apple’s products, as one of its key investors.

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