The Mac Daddy’s Apple Event Speculation

Posted on January 20, 2010 by

As many of you most likely already know, Apple is hosting a press event in San Francisco on Wednesday, January 27.  They have titled the event “Come see our latest creation.”  To many, this is almost a confirmation that Apple will announce the much rumored tablet.  And if I had to put money on a guess, that would definitely be my choice.

I also have a feeling Apple will discuss the future of iTunes and unveil a new way of accessing your music library.  With the recent purchase of Lala, I think it’s almost definite that Apple will come out with a cloud type service so users can access their music from any computer through a web browser.

I don’t believe Apple will announce a new iPhone, I think they will hold off on that until June.  But I do think they will show off some features in firmware 4.0.  I also believe that firmware 4.0 will be running on their tablet device.  The new firmware will most likely bring the ability to run multiple apps at the same time, a customizable lock screen and maybe even a way to access your music library from the rumored iTunes cloud.  Running multiple apps is something that iPhone users won’t really benefit from much, since the screen is so small you can’t really have two apps side by side.  But this feature will be great for a tablet.  I do see how a Cover Flow style way of switching between apps on the iPhone would be nice though.  There is already a way of doing this with jailbroken iPhones, although it drains your battery much faster.

There are also rumors of iLife 2010, but no details of what the new software package will include.  Only 1 more week from today and we’ll all find out!

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