Adobe CTO Promises Better Mac Performance in Flash 10.1

Posted on February 6, 2010 by

It’s about time!

From MacNN:

Macs will perform substantially better when running Flash Player 10.1, promisesAdobe’s chief technical officer, Kevin Lynch. The executive claims that Flash 10 now runs at “almost exactly” the same level of CPU usage on Mac and Windows systems, where previously the Mac suffered significantly. The v10.1 update is set to use CoreAnimation, which Lynch suggests could make Macs faster than Windows in some cases.

Lynch concedes that video is still a major weakness, as a 480p video, running on a 1.8GHz Mac mini, uses 34 percent of the CPU in Mac OS X and just 16 percent in Windows. Flash 10.1 is expected to cut CPU consumption in half.

The executive also remarks that performance may depend heavily on browser choice. Safari is said to be the fastest Mac software in this regard, whereas Lynch cautions people against Google’s Chrome. The Mac version of Chrome is still in beta, and is believed to have problems with running Flash and other plug-ins.

Flash Player 10.1 remains in beta, and has no fixed release date other than the first half of the year.

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