iPad Drives Huge Upswing in iPhone App Development

Posted on February 12, 2010 by

iPhone app development has nearly tripled, from less than 600 new apps in December to over 1,600 in January.  Many are viewing this as a result of the iPad and it’s support of iPhone apps.  Developers are trying to come out with that one app that everyone will have to have on their iPad.  Hmm, maybe a MacDaddyNews app?

From Electronista:

The launch of the iPad has been a catalyst for an unprecedented surge of iPhoneapp development compared to Android, analysts at Flurry found today. Following the anticipation of the iPad and its immediate wake, iPhone app development nearly tripled from less than 600 new apps in December to over 1,600 in January. Many likely view the iPad launch as a potential land rush where an early app will get more sales.

Google’s platform saw its own large uptick in development and saw development jump by about 33 percent to 300 new apps, helped in part by the launch of phones like the Nexus One. However, the sheer growth in interest for Apple devices spurred on by the iPad has potentially eliminated any near-term hope for Android of closing in on iPhone for the sheer number of new apps. It also shows “a positive early indicator” for iPad sales as customers are drawn to the apps on offer.

“The recent spike in Apple iPad support has swung the pendulum back in Apple’s favor to a level not seen at Flurry in six months,” the researchers said.

Actual usage habits are however fairly similar, according to the study. Android phone owners start up an app a slightly higher number of times each month and play games for longer, but iPhone apps are used slightly longer on average.

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