Apple Offering $10,000 for 10 Billionth iTunes Download

Posted on February 16, 2010 by

Check out Apple’s countdown page here.


Apple Inc. is celebrating its 10 billionth song download with a $10,000 iTunes gift card prize for the person who does the transaction.

The company  expects the iTunes milestone to be passed sometime this month.

A Michigan 17-year-old won a similar prize on Feb. 23, 2006, when the company marked its first billion songs sold on iTunes. He got a $10,000 iTunes gift card, 10 iPods, an iMac and a phone call from CEO Steve Jobs.

The company also marked its billionth download from its iPhone app store last April by giving a 13-year-old a 10,000 iTunes gift card, an iPod Touch, a Time Capsule and a MacBook Pro.

The company is limiting entries to 25 a day.

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