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Posted on February 25, 2010 by

Christopher Breen

If anyone is looking for some pointless tips and information about Apple related stuff, Christopher Breen at is the person for you.  Sometimes I’m not sure if he’s being serious or just joking around.  His latest “great idea” was to create an Automator action that will copy your files from a local folder on your computer to your iDisk.  This is his solution to a question from one of his readers on how to “save files to your hard disk and iDisk at the same time.”  Although Breen’s way does work, a much simpler way is to just let MobleMe synch your iDisk.  As you can see in the picture below, this is one of the options built into iDisk, and it works great.  You can access your iDisk when offline, and whenever you are connected to the Internet it will synch your files automatically.

When I suggested this to him, he got very defensive and banned me from the forum.  Basically, he is scared that Apple’s servers will crash and delete everything from his iDisk.  Then, the next time he’s online and his iDisk is being synced, he thinks that it will delete the local copy of his files.  First off, I think he’s putting way too little faith in Apple’s servers.  Even if some of their servers go down, they will not lose people’s files.  Any company this big that does online storage has backups.  Losing people’s files like this could destroy a company, they would never let it happen.  But even if his crazy nightmare came true, it would not delete his local copy.  iDisk synchronization is smart, much smarter than Breen.  If all his files were deleted from Apple’s iDisk cloud storage, it will not automatically delete his local copies, it will notify him of the changes and ask him what he wants to do.

And as another option for extra security, I suggested using Time Machine.  Time Machine will backup your entire hard drive, including the local synced copy of your iDisk.  So if you ever need a previous version of a file, or if a file is missing or corrupted, just open Time Machine and restore it to a previous date.

If you’d like to see his article for yourself, check it out here.  But be cautious when questioning the almighty Breen, or he may end up banning you too.

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