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I’m still hoping Apple will eventually come out with an online backup solution, maybe an option to backup to your MobileMe iDisk using Time Machine. I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for this option, but I would expect to have unlimited space for backups. There are other options out there like Backblaze, Carbonite, Mozy and many more, but I don’t see why Apple hasn’t joined this market yet. I love Time Machine, I use it with my Airport Extreme and can even backup to it over the Internet while on the road, but I still want an offsite backup too. Maybe I’m just paranoid because as a computer technician I see so many people’s hard drives crash every week. The hard drive in my MacBook Pro died a few months ago, luckily I use Time Machine and was able to quickly replace the drive and restore everything to the exact same state. But what if something worse happens? What if my apartment is robbed and they take both my computers and backup drives? Or what if there’s a power surge and my drives get fried? Surge protectors are not foolproof, they might pay to replace your hard drive, but your information will be gone forever.

I’ve been using Backblaze for about two months now and have been very pleased. It seams to be the most Mac-like of all the all the online backup solutions available. It runs in the background and uses very little resources. You can have it backup continually, once a day or manually. I prefer to have it set to continuously and haven’t had any problems yet. I like having my files backed up, but I don’t want to have to remember to do it, and Backblaze works perfectly at this.

There are three ways to restore your files from Backblaze, download a zip file (free), DVD (charges apply) or USB drive (charges apply). I’ve tested the web download option and was very satisfied. When you log onto Backblaze’s website, you can browse your entire backup and select to either restore everything, or just individual files. One cool thing about this is that if you’re ever somewhere without your computer and in need of a file on it, you can just log onto Backblaze and download it.

I still suggest using Time Machine for those quick restores, but Backblaze does a great job at offering that extra security we all should have.

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