Hulu Keeping Close Watch on HTML5, Says It’s Not Ready Yet

Posted on March 4, 2010 by

Hulu responded to our inquiry on offering video support in HTML5.

Thanks for writing.

We’re keeping a close watch on video support in HTML5. While as developers we are
always excited about cool new technology, we always analyze it from the
perspective of the needs of our customers: our end users, advertisers, and content
partners. To serve these customers well, we’d love to see further support in HTML5
for features including the following:
– Quality of service monitoring (e.g. detecting playback glitches)
– Advertisement playback and reporting
– Secure content delivery

We look forward to further development of the new standard and will continue to
monitor it closely. We’re not averse to alternatives to Flash, but HTML5 is not
show ready for us yet.


Eugene Wei

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