Review: Key Ace Keyboard Hotkey Utility

Posted on March 17, 2010 by

Hotkeys are one of the most important things to me on a computer.  I use them for many tasks, like launching applications, opening a website and activating the screensaver/locking computer.  I try to use a letter to correspond with the task.  For example, I use Shift+Control+T to launch Terminal, Shift+Control+I for Internet and Shift+Control+L to lock the computer.  I have been using Quicksilver for years to assign my shortcuts, but I just recently tried Key Ace by Purple Ghost Software and was very impressed.

Key Ace is very easy to use and can assign actions to any key combination on your keyboard.  It installs as a system preference pane and runs silently in the background.  The software uses so little resources that you will not even notice it running.

One thing I like about Key Ace that sets it apart from other hotkey utilities I’ve used is the ability to create different groups of hotkeys.  You can assign those groups to work in all applications, only specified applications or work in all except specified applications.  I found this to be a very useful feature.

Key Ace cost $9.99 and can be purchased on the company’s website.  As a longtime user of hotkeys, I can say that once you start using this software, you won’t know how you lived without it.  Using hotkeys is a great way to become a more productive computer user, and Key Ace is the perfect utility to help you achieve this goal.

Check out Key Ace on their website here.

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