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This is a cool iPhone app for anyone who regularly visits Starbucks.  Instead of carrying your Starbucks Card with you everywhere, you can now have it stored on your iPhone.  You can easily check the balance and add more money to it.  For now you can only use it at select Starbucks in Seattle and Silicon Valley and any Target Starbucks Store.  I’m not sure why it’s not available everywhere else yet, but hopefully that will change soon.

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Press Release:

Using your Starbucks Card is now even faster and easier with the Starbucks Card Mobile App

Just enter your Starbucks Card number and your iPhone becomes your Starbucks Card. You’ll be able to check your balance, register your card and enjoy rewards like free brewed coffee refills and two hours free AT&T WiFi every day.

But we saved the coolest feature until last. In addition to using your iPhone/ iPod touch at select stores in Seattle and Silicon Valley, you can now test it out in any US Target® Starbucks Store. In these select stores, you can pay for your coffee using just the Starbucks Card Mobile app on your iPhone / iPod touch. Enter your card number and your device will display a barcode you can use the same way as your Starbucks Card to make purchases. It’s fast. It’s easy. And it’s a revolution in mobile payment.

Download the Starbucks Card Mobile app – free from the App Store. And check out our list of participating stores at Target®, Seattle or Silicon Valley.

Have more questions about the Starbucks Card Mobile app? Consult our FAQs.

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