Apple Patent Reveals Gaming Accessories in the Works

Posted on April 2, 2010 by


From Patently Apple:

During Steve Jobs keynote in January, prior to introducing the iPad, he had a new message that he wanted to get out to the world. The message was that Apple is a mobile devices company. “How does Apple stack up against all the other companies that sell mobile devices,” asked Jobs. Well, “it turns out that Apple is the largest mobile devices company in the world now. It’s amazing. Apple is larger than Sony’s mobile devices business…it’s bigger than Samsung’s mobile devices business … and even bigger than Nokia’s mobile devices business.” And to make his point even larger – we learn today that Apple is going into the mobile gaming business – big time! Apple’s patent provides us with a first view of their exciting new gaming accessories that are now in development. Some units are dedicated while others include a unique receptacle system so that your iPod could be inserted to play games with a game pad that even has controls on the reverse side to control your characters jumping and maneuvering. Some units will have a Wii like motion sensing capability while others will wirelessly connect to your home theater or HDTV. One unit even has a dual display configuration. Watch out Sony – Apple is aiming for mobile games and they’re out to win!

Read more about this patent here.

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