First look: LogMeIn Ignition on iPad

Posted on April 6, 2010 by

We haven’t had a chance to do our own review of LogMeIn for iPad yet, but TUAW has a first look review of it.  LogMeIn lets you remotely access one or more of your computers anywhere, anytime.  You can directly control your Mac or PC from your iPad.  It is available in the App Store for $29.99.

From TUAW:

Using the standard pinch and reverse-pinch gestures to zoom in on a part of the Mac screen, it’s possible to do detailed work. When I was writing this post and viewing the entire Mac screen, it was hard to read the text I was typing. Zooming in gave me a screen that was just wide enough so that I could clearly see the text that was being typed. As with most iPad apps, a quick turn moves the screen from portrait to landscape view, although for typing I preferred the wider keyboard of the landscape view.

The virtual keyboard in LogMeIn Ignition is my only complaint. Pressing the shift key locks the keyboard in caps mode, which is counterintuitive to the usual method of having the keyboard return to lower-case immediately. In addition, accented characters didn’t work, although they’re visible on the keyboard when you tap and hold a key. LogMeIn Ignition does have some nice details, like having the screen move up “out of the way” when you enable the keyboard, that more than make up for these issues.

There are several other VNC apps for iPad that are available. iTeleport (née Jaadu VNC) is my current app of choice on the iPhone, and I look forward to being able to give it a try on the iPad. Unfortunately, it appears that the iTeleport folks decided to charge existing customers US$24.99 for the iPad version even if they own the iPhone edition. If you choose to use iTeleport on both iPad and iPhone, you can look forward to paying $50 for the privilege. Update: iTeleport has announced that as soon as a proper upgrade path can be set up in the App Store, the iPad version will be available at no cost to existing users.

LogMeIn provides two distinct advantages over most VNC clients — it’s well-supported and it is a cinch to set up. As you can tell, this app obviously did its job well, as I was able to write the complete post in a LogMeIn session on my iMac. It’s stable and works upon the framework of a system that has obviously undergone a lot of testing. Whether you’re an individual who just needs to control one other Mac or PC remotely, or if you need to support an enterprise full of personal computers of any flavor, LogMeIn Ignition is worthy of your consideration. A small gallery of screenshots follows.

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