iFixit: MacBook Pro 15″ Unibody Core i5 Teardown

Posted on April 16, 2010 by

iFixit has done a teardown of the mid 2010 MacBook Pro.  Here are a few interesting things they discovered.

  • Apple has stopped using five-point Torx screws found on other MBP 15″ Unibodies in favor of Tri-Wing screws
  • The battery is now rated at 77.5 Wh. That’s just a tad bit more than the 73 Wh battery found in last year’s 15″ model, but not enough to explain the 1-2 hour battery life improvement Apple is claiming for this machine.
  • Sound improvement: Apple changed the design of the speaker assembly slightly, moving from a single plastic enclosure to separate plastic enclosures for the speaker & subwoofer that are connected by the speaker leads.
  • The Wi-Fi/Bluetooth board location has changed to more closely resemble the MacBooks’.  Because of the metal enclosure of the MBP, Apple added an antenna on the opening of the Superdrive!
  • New Intel BD82HM55 S LGZS Platform Controller Hub. – assumed chip is switch between the Intel and NVIDIA graphics.

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