iPhone HD/4G Concept Rendered in 3D (Video)

Posted on April 16, 2010 by

This is the best 4th Generation iPhone concept I’ve seen so far.  It was created by Anthony De Rosa at ADR Studio.

De Rosa:

It’s almost sure the Apple approach to the new iPhone will be as expected (or feared).
Same form factor, to avoid nasty surprises for accessories.
No moving parts, the phone is not a “transformer”.
No MagSafe, LED or other crazy ideas.
Maybe we’ve a dual cameras, but without flash. iPhone isn’t a photocamera.
Then it might look as the just-arrived iPad and will be the ideal cradle for the new iPhone OS 4.0.
We’ve an upgraded hardware, to appreciate the potential of multitasking, a 5Mpx camera, larger and brighter screen, new CPU derived by the A4.
The rest of all will do by “the apple” on the back of the shell.
After all is an Apple device.

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