Henge Docks Creates Docking Stations for the MacBook Line

Posted on April 20, 2010 by

Henge Docks has created a pretty cool docking station solution for Apple’s MacBooks and MacBook Pros.  I usually like using my laptop screen and a secondary monitor, so this isn’t the best solution for me, but it would be great if I wanted to use my MacBook Pro on my home theater system.

From Henge Docks:

Henge Docks has created the first truly comprehensive docking station solution for Apple’s line of notebook computers. This means you can quickly, easily and cleanly incorporate your MacBook computer into a desktop setup or your home theater system, so you get the best features of a laptop, desktop and media center PC all from one computer. Henge Docks patent-pending design doesn’t require any hardware, software or settings changes to your computer. In fact, every current MacBook is compatible with our system, right from the factory.

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