Use Your iPhone’s 3G With Your iPad and MacBook (Updated)

Posted on May 1, 2010 by

Apple’s 3G iPad went on sale this Friday, April 30, but for those of you who already have an iPhone, my suggestion is to get the Wi-Fi only model instead.  You already pay $30 for unlimited data on your iPhone, so you might as well use that 3G connection instead of paying an additional $30. There is an app for jailbroken iPhones called MyWi which lets you turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi access point.  MyWi gives you the ability to use your iPhone’s 3G connection with your iPad or any computer with Wi-Fi.  It also enables Internet tethering over USB and Bluetooth, but these options won’t work on the iPad.

Update: Some video apps on the 3G iPad either don’t work at all or have extremely low quality video when playing over 3G.  This is not because of limitations of AT&T’s 3G, Apple and AT&T have set these restrictions most likely to lower the use of 3G.  Using MyWi on your iPhone and connecting to it with your iPad on Wi-Fi will solve this problem.  YouTube, Netflix and ABC Player look perfect when using the iPhone’s 3G connection over Wi-Fi.

“Tether your iPhone to your iPad”

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