Review: View Flash Content on Your iPhone with Cloud Browse

Posted on May 15, 2010 by

Cloud Browse lets you remotely control a Firefox browser with the results streamed to you on your iPhone.  Video and audio Flash content play great.  Cloud Browse can do this because you are actually using a full desktop browser that is running remotely and being streamed to the iPhone.  The remote browser has access to higher bandwidth, more memory and a faster processor than that of any mobile device.

When you launch Cloud Browse you see a Firefox browser on your screen, with tabs. The browser is touch controlled:

  • Scroll the page by flicking your finger.
  • Tap with one finger to navigate links and select textboxes. (A left mouse click at the finger location)
  • Hold down one finger on screen to bring up a magnifying glass displaying what’s under your finger.

However, because you are controlling a desktop version of Firefox, which uses a mouse, some gestures are a little different.

  • Two finger tap performs a right mouse click at the current mouse location.
  • When the magnifying glass is displayed, finger movement will move the mouse instead of scrolling the page.
  • Swipe three fingers right to go forward in browsing history and left to go backward.

Cloud Browse is free and available in the App Store.

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