RUMOR: Next iPhone Will Have a 960×640 Screen

Posted on May 17, 2010 by

From Electronista:

Rumors of the new iPhone getting a 960×640 screen were supported today by claims from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Apple’s new device will reportedly not only get the higher resolution but a much higher quality IPS (in-plane switching) panel with a relatively new technology to ease reading outdoors. Fringe-field switching, or FFS, would improve the viewing angles and readability in sunlight and is allegedly being used to improve the viability of iBooks on the iPhone, Kuo said.

LG Display and Prime View International, the company behind E Ink, are believed to be the suppliers for the new LCD. The panel is about a third thinner than on previous models and is designed to make room for the larger battery.

The researcher also cited sources that said the new design would have 512MB of RAM, or twice what’s on the iPhone 3GS and iPad. A recent teardown of the pre-release iPhone showed that it was using the A4 like the iPad, but without a dissection or a final product it’s difficult to tell if Apple will have changed the processor between the iPad and the iPhone. Kuo did note that it would still use an ARM Cortex-A8 architecture like Apple’s tablet and its current smartphone.

Insiders also purportedly revealed aggressive early shipment goals. Apple would ship as many as 4.5 million of the new iPhones just within June and 19.5 million in the whole second half of the year. It’s not clear that this production number would include the rumored CDMA iPhone, which could add millions of extra units by itself.

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