Firefox Home App Brings Your Desktop Firefox Session to Your iPhone

Posted on May 27, 2010 by

From Cult of Mac:

Firefox isn’t likely to come to the iPhone anytime soon, but a new application being developed by Mozilla called Firefox Home will at least allow you to take your Firefox data on the run with you.

Based upon Firefox Sync technology, Firefox Home allows iPhone users to always have access to their Firefox browsing history, bookmarks and open tabs, as well as access to their “Awesome Bar,” which allows them to browse to a site with the minimum of typing fuss. Find what you want, and Firefox Home passes on any opened pages to Mobile Safari.

The demo app is a bit rough graphically, which Mozilla acknowledges, saying it’s as yet unbranded. But the functionality looks fluid, and while the websites I visit on my desktop differ greatly from those I visit on my iPhone, the option to have my desktop browsing data up-to-date in my pocket at all times is certainly nothing I’d pass over.

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