Verizon Spokesman Says No iPhone Plans in Immediate Future (Video)

Posted on June 3, 2010 by

Verizon spokesman John Johnson says that the company is not planning to carry the iPhone in the immediate future.

Q: Let me ask you first of all about Verizon and the iPhone. What is happening, if anything? What is the status?

A: No one ever asks that question. (Smiles) So, no plans to carry the iPhone in the immediate future, but you’ve gotta look at the incredible excitement around the Android devices…

Even if Verizon is getting the iPhone soon, they probably wouldn’t be allowed to say anything about it yet.  So I wouldn’t take this statement as confirmation that it’s not coming to Verizon sometime this year.   Johnson’s statement could just be a way of avoiding the question.  Hopefully we’ll find out more on Monday at WWDC 2010.

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