Awesome ‘Slide to Unlock’ T-Shirt

Posted on June 4, 2010 by

This is the coolest t-shirt ever for the ladies!  It’s available at for $18.99.

From ThinkGeek:

You know how sometimes you’re trying to make out with someone, but you’re just not getting that desired reaction? You touch that other person and nothing happens? Well, we’ve done a little troubleshooting and identified the problem: that device is locked. It does that automatically after you haven’t interacted with it for a minute. You gotta follow the directions and “Slide to Unlock” to get your groove back.

Charcoal, cotton babydoll t-shirt has the iPhone Slide to Unlock interface printed across the chest. Note that if you wear this shirt to a bar, in all likelihood, folks are going to use it as an excuse to touch your breasts. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


One of our readers reminded us that we are still waiting for the iPanties concept to become a reality.  Thanks Ben!

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