Cupidtiono, The Dating Site for Apple Fans is Now Live

Posted on June 7, 2010 by

Cupidtino, the first and only dating site exclusively for Apple fans, is now out of private beta and open to the public.  It was running very slow with many server errors earlier today, but hopefully they will get all the problems worked out soon.  Check out Cupidtino and create your profile here.

Cupidtino is not purely an online dating site. It has elements of both, Facebook and If you’re not interested in relationships, you can still use a Cupidtino profile to show off your Apple stuff like favorite music, apps, and movies from iTunes, Apple gadgets, “Mac moments” and photos. Cupidtino will be a much cooler way to express your creative personality and taste.

If dating is what you’re into, we won’t ask the usual cliché questions most sites do. Our signup is quick and easy with just a few very basic questions. You’ll have a stylish, minimal and cool looking profile in minutes. You’ll even get a personalized URL (like to share publicly, and be proud of instead of embarrassed to be caught using.

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