Skype Interested in iPhone 4 Video Calls

Posted on June 9, 2010 by

With the iPhone 4 having a front-facing camera, of course everyone is hoping Skype comes out with an app for video calls.  Apple’s FaceTime looks really cool, but you are limited to only calling other iPhone 4 users.  A Skype app with video calling would open it up to anyone running Skype on their computer.

Electronista says that a Skype spokesman is hinting at iPhone 4 video calls, but they would not use Apple’s open video call standard.

From Electronista:

A spokesman said Skype was curious about FaceTime and wanted to “see how this process unfolds” but made clear that the company didn’t have any near-term intention of using Apple’s open video call standard for Skype chats. Its now confirmed earlier remarks were simply about getting the “best possible experience” for video calls on the iPhone app, the company told Electronista.

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