Give Your iPhone Some Balls

Posted on June 11, 2010 by

These are probably the funniest iPhone cases I’ve seen.  Right now you can get BlueBalls and PeachFuzz for $15 each and free shipping.  10% of all proceeds go toward testicular cancer research.  The price isn’t bad for an iPhone case, but I’d rather not have balls that close to my face, even if it’s for charity.

Presenting phoneballs…. maybe not a revolution in protective silicone cases, but we think a pretty fun way to show your support for those little fellas that give us so much.

Whether male or female, chances are you have been touched by a pair of balls in your life…. don’t you want to touch em back?

Besides being a real gas at social gatherings, these are great silicone cases. They really fit snuggly, they “nestle to the goods”…

  • Provides a little something to tug on. We play with ’em all the time.
  • Protects your data port from dirt and dust, yet easy to tuck back when you need to connect
  • Soft, grippy silicone case doesn’t add much bulk (well, other than those bulky balls!)
  • If they get dirty, just wash those dirty, sticky little balls with a little soap and water, they will come clean. You had better believe it!
  • iPhone NOT included
  • Have fun while doing a good thing. Remember, 10% of what we make here goes to fight testicular cancer!

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