iPhone 4 Does Not Drop Left-Handed Calls

Posted on June 25, 2010 by

A lot of technology blogs are reporting that the iPhone 4 has an antenna problem and drops calls when you hold it in your left hand.  Readers have been asking me why I haven’t been reporting on this “issue.”  The reason I hadn’t said anything about it is because, at MacDaddyNews, we don’t subscribe to the lies of Apple haters.  We’ve done extensive testing with the iPhone 4, and we have not been able to drop a call while holding it in our left hands, while covering any part of it or by even sitting on the device.

We were able to lower the signal quality by covering the antenna area of the iPhone 4, but we also get the same result when covering the antenna area on the iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS.  No surprise to us, but we also lost signal quality when covering the antenna area on every other phone we tested.  But with every single test we ran, we never dropped a call, even when we were in low signal areas.  Now I’m not saying you will never drop a call on the iPhone 4, any phone on AT&T has a high chance of dropping a call at one point or another.

Some of you may be asking why Apple didn’t place the antenna at the top of the device.  There is a simple answer to this question, Apple loves you and they don’t want their products to kill you.  Substantial research has been conducted on the cancer risks of cell phones.  The research tells us that the closer the antenna is to the head, the greater a person’s chance of developing brain tumors.  Placing the antenna toward the bottom of the device helps prevent this from happening.

So lets quickly go over what we’ve learned today, the iPhone 4 does not drop left handed calls, and Apple wants us to live a long life.

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  1. mobile_bob says:

    SO first off, please try and sound a little less like a brain washed Apple fan boy (geez). I think it would make everyone a little bit happier feeling like you had even a small amount of objectivity (Don’t you dare delete this!). Second it’s interesting that Engadget had two Iphone 4s and one had the problem and the second did not. I was very surprised that Apple didn’t cover the antenna with some sort of non conductive film so this very thing wouldn’t happen. Could it be that one batch made it out the door without the film and the rest had something to prevent this from happening? I hope so. I’m waiting a little while to get mine, and I hope that this can be sorted with a small revision change at the factory.