iPad Takes Corporate World by Storm and Creates a Paperless Workplace

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Steve Jobs first announced the iPad in January 2010 as a device for games, videos, music, web, books and magazines, but it is also making workers more productive in the corporate environment.  The iPad is a great multimedia note taker and replaces the legal pad, voice recorder, laptop and much more.  Corporations who have recently turned to the iPad include Wells Fargo, SAP, Tellabs and Mercedes.

“This iPad thing has taken the world by storm,” Ted Schadler, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc. told Bloomberg.

Here is how the iPad is being used:

  • Wells Fargo used two of the first shipment of 15 iPads to demonstrate financial products at an investors’ conference in May and has ordered more.
  • At SAP, it’s a top-down adoption: when Rob Enslin, North America president at SAP travel only with a Blackberry and an iPad.
  • Tellabs, which designs and manufactures telecommunications equipment for service providers, paired with SAP and Sybase for an iPad app to quickly approve customer orders.
  • Some 40 Mercedes Benz dealerships are testing the iPad program, which uses the company’s MB Advantage software. The sales staff can scroll through info on the latest offers, check rebates and start running the credit application while the customer sits in the Mercedes they are interested in buying.

Last month, Apple said it sold 3 million iPads within 80 days of its release.  They may sell 9.7 million iPads by the end of 2010, says Shaw Wu, a Kaufman Brothers analyst.

The iPad could be the device that finally makes the paperless workplace a reality.

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