Why Apple is Relaxing its App Store Policy

Posted on October 2, 2010 by

Darrell Etherington at TheAppleBlog.com has an interesting theory on why Apple has recently relaxed its App Store restrictions and allowed video player apps like CineXPlayer and VLC. He says that although Apple would prefer you to get your TV and movie content from its iTunes store, they are willing to look the other way regarding how you acquire the content you watch if it means selling more hardware. And with many networks and studios not wanting to play by Apple’s rules on rentals and purchases, Apple doesn’t have any other choice then to let its users turn to less legitimate sources for their content.

Etherington also talks about how the Apple TV could destroy cable and satellite TV service providers. Two reasons he gives are that the Apple TV shows signs of supporting apps, and because of the ability to stream content from any iOS device using AirPlay.

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