Live Updates of Apple’s ‘Back to the Mac’ Event

Posted on October 20, 2010 by

Apple’s “Back to the Mac” media event has started. You can watch a live video stream at

Live Updates:

11:30: Jobs is thanking everyone for coming.

11:25: watching MacBook Air commercial and video

11:22: Both models are available today!

11:21: $999 for 64GB, $1199 for 128GB for the 11.6, 13.3 is $1299 for 128GB, $1599 for 256G

11:20: the new MacBook Air has a little brother. 11.6 inch LED backlit display.

11:16: 30 days of standby

11:15: no hard drive

11:13: New MacBook Air

11:12: Jobs “One more thing”

11:11: Jobs is summarizing everything they’ve gone over so far.

11:09: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be available Summer 2011.

11:07: showing how you can use multi-touch gestures to switch between apps.

11:04: Showing off apps on OS X. quickly bring apps into full screen.

11:00: Bringing the App Store to the Mac

10:57: Talking about multi-touch on the Mac using trackpads, not touchscreen.

10:55: Lion is “X meets iPad”

10:54: Jobs is giving a sneak peek at OS 10.7 Lion

10:53: Beta release of FaceTime for Mac today!

10:51: Jobs is demoing FaceTime for Mac.

10:49: Jobs is talking about FaceTime. Announces FaceTime for Mac.

10:48: Jobs back on stage.  iLife available today for $49.

10:46: showing off music lessons in GarageBand

10:43: demoing GarageBand ’11

10:40: new features include flex time, groove matching, more guitar amps and effects, new piano & guitar lessons and “how did I play?”

10:39: Jobs is announcing GarageBand ’11

10:37: showing more trailers created with iMovie ’11

10:35: showing a trailer he created in just a few minutes. very cool!

10:30:  creating a movie trailer. iMovie ’11 includes music recorded by a full symphony. quickly finds the specific kind of shots you need for the trailer.

10:27: Instant effects look pretty cool, quickly add slow motion replays.

10:25: Randy Ubillos demoing iMovie.

10:24: new audio editing, one step effects, people finder, new sports themes and movie trailers

10:24: Jobs back on stage talking about iMovie

10:18: Showing off some other new features. Creating cards, books calendars.

10:16: Easily email photos from within iPhoto

10:15: New slideshows have awesome reflections, cool 3D effects.

10:12: Senior VP Phil Schiller is demonstrating iPhoto ’11

10:10: iPhoto ’11 includes new full screen modes, facebook enhancements, emailing photos, new slideshows and big leap in books.

10:08: Jobs is back on stage announcing iLife ’11

10:05: Tim Cook is talking about Apple’s revenue. Kinda boring.

10:00: Steve Jobs welcomes everyone to the event.

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