Things Apple Killed Today

Posted on October 20, 2010 by

Apple is always looking toward the future, and is usually the first to forget about the past. Just as they were the first to trash the floppy drive, they are now killing more things that are starting to become outdated. Here are some changes I’ve noticed Apple is making after their “Back to the Mac” media event today.


Apple didn’t technically kill applications, but they are throwing the term in the trash. With the introduction of the Mac App Store, it’s going to become an app world. Many developers will keep distributing applications outside of the Mac App Store for a long time, but when more and more new Mac users come along, they’ll get used to finding apps in a single location. It’s all part of Apple’s plan of giving the user a simple and stress free computer experience.

Hard Drives

The new MacBook Air models are flash-only. SSDs are the future, and Apple is leading the way by making them standard in their latest computer. I’m sure we will see this trend expand to their laptops and desktops in the near future.

DVD Install Disc

The new MacBook Air comes with a small USB reinstall drive. You no longer need to find an external DVD drive, just plug in this USB flash drive and you can easily reinstall the OS.


They didn’t refere to the Mac camera as iSight, but instead the “FaceTime camera.” Apple’s website also says the same thing for the new MacBook Air. It’s still referred to as an iSight camera for the other models of computers, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until this gets updated.

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