Today is the Verizon iPhone 4 Launch Day

Posted on February 10, 2011 by

In case you have somehow forgotten, today is the official launch day of the Verizon iPhone 4. The Verizon iPhone went on sale this morning at Apple, Verizon, Walmart and Best Buy stores across the United States. Reports are telling us that few stores had more than just a few people waiting in line before stores opened, so most places should still have them in stock if you haven’t had a chance to get yours yet. The short lines is probably due to the record breaking pre-sales Verizon had last week and yesterday.

A friend of MacDaddyNews, James of Pure Nintendo, was the first in line at a Verizon store, and possibly the first to purchase the Verizon iPhone on launch day. He was interviewed by the local newspaper, the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

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