Review: DropPhox for iPhone Automatically Sends Your Photos to Dropbox

Posted on February 25, 2011 by

DropPhox is an awesome photo app for iPhone. It allows you to take pictures and videos, and have them wirelessly transfer to your Dropbox account over 3G or Wi-Fi. If no connection when you take the picture, the transfer will be put on hold and resume as soon as DropPhox detects one.

DropPhox is meant to replace the Apple Camera app. It gives you most of the features you are used to, including tap to focus, zoom and flash. One feature the current version is missing is HDR photos. Hopefully this will come in an update soon.

DropPhox eliminates the need to synchronize your iPhone’s photos with your Mac. It also makes sharing photos with multiple people in real-time simple by saving to a shared folder on Dropbox. And the thing I like about it most is that if you lose your iPhone, you can rest assured that all your photos are safe in the cloud.

DropPhox is available for $1.99 in the App Store.


  • Begins transferring your photos to Dropbox as soon as you snap the shutter.
  • Photos taken offline begin transferring to the cloud as soon as a connection is detected.
  • Multiple photos are sent to the Dropbox in parallel as they are shot.
  • Local saving (Device Camera Roll) can be set ON or OFF in the settings.
  • You can specify the saving directory in the settings
  • Quick-Glance thumbnails and filenames of your Update History.
  • Supports GeoTags, in-camera, Flash, Focus and Video

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