iPad 2 Hands-On Video

Posted on March 2, 2011 by

Engadget had a chance to check out the iPad 2 and has posted a short hands-on video. Here are some of their reactions from the experience:

  • This thing is insanely fast. We’re not joking — it’s blazingly fast. Everything the iPad 2 does feels like it’s on turbo. We’re uploading a video of the some evidence of this, you’ll be appropriately stunned.
  • The design feels great in your hands. Sleek, super thin — much nicer to hold than the previous version. Definitely has more of a magazine than book feel. Everything is tight and solid. It is pretty amazing how thin they’ve gotten the device.
  • Even software made for the first generation device feels better here. Safari is definitely sped up. Games looked great on-screen, though obviously there are no updates to the resolution of screen technology here.
  • This is an evolutionary step, but we definitely don’t feel like it’s lacking for features. People are going to gobble these up when they see the new apps.


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