How To Install iMovie on First-Generation iPad

Posted on March 10, 2011 by

Apple’s iMovie app is supposed to only work on the iPad 2, iPhone 4 and iPod touch fourth-generation, but someone has figured out a way to install it on the first-generation iPad too. No jailbreaking required.

The following steps will install the iMovie app on your first-generation iPad:

  1. Download the iMovie app in the iTunes App Store (link)
  2. Download the newly updated iPhone Configuration Utility from Apple
  3. Click the add button, then navigate to ~ / Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / Mobile Applications
  4. Select iMovie 120.ipa from the list
  5. Select the iPad from the sidebar on the left, then click the applications tab in the right pane
  6. Navigate to the iMovie listing, and hit the install button

That’s it! And according to Macgasm, Syncing your iPad 1 with iMovie doesn’t remove it, but it does keep asking you to “authorize” the app. Just click cancel and everything should work fine.

Source: Macgasm

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  1. scorp_ca says:

    @MacDaddyNews Work until next sync :(

  2. MacDaddyNews says:

    @scorp_ca supposedly syncing doesn’t remove it, just keeps asking to authorize it.

  3. scorp_ca says:

    @MacDaddyNews Hm… And when I press “Don’t” – it remove it. Or I should press “Cancel”?

  4. MacDaddyNews says:

    @scorp_ca just press cancel and it should be good

  5. scorp_ca says:

    @MacDaddyNews Just tried – it just cancel full sync :(