iPad 2 First Weekend Sales Could be Up to 1 Million

Posted on March 14, 2011 by

Fortune has created a summary of feedback from research analysts regarding the iPad 2 launch weekend, with analysts estimates ranging from 500,000 up to 1 million unites.

From Fortune:

Most analysts were cautious, fearing perhaps that whatever they wrote would soon be overtaken by an Apple press release. Most, like Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster, stuck with 500,000 units. But Baird’s William Power estimated that Apple sold “roughly 1 million” the first weekend, Wedbush’s Scott Sutherland “wouldn’t be surprised” by that number and Global Equities Trip Chowdhry thought Apple “may have sold” three times as many iPad 2s as iPad 1s its first weekend, which amounts to the same thing.

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