Rumor: Apple Holding MobileMe Event in April

Posted on March 19, 2011 by

Earlier this month, claimed a “trustworthy” source had revealed plans by Apple for a software-only event during the first or second week of April. The event would be to preview iOS 5 and relaunch MobileMe. According to the rumor, better integration with iOS 5 and MobileMe is expected, as well as more social networking, like the Find My Friends service, and remote photo and media streams.

Citing a “trusted source” at a “major educational institution,” iLounge is also now also predicting a MobileMe relaunch in April. A new, free version of the online service will apparently coexist alongside the current paid version for the next year.

The recent discontinuation of MobileMe retail boxes is probably the best indicator of an imminent relaunch. Besides that, it’s been widely rumored that some kind of storage “locker” for media content, music and video, will be part of the service.

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