Apple Patent Hints at Hybrid E Ink-LCD iPad

Posted on April 7, 2011 by

A recent patent application by Apple reveals that the company has shown interest in creating a new iPad or iPhone with a hybrid display that could switch all or part of the screen between full-color LCD and e-ink text. The patent describes a system of placing a translucent e-ink display above the traditional LCD panel, and will switch on and off depending on what content is supposed to be displayed.

E-ink screens look exactly like printed paper and have advantages over LCD in some situations. E-ink requires very little power because it only draws power when the display is updated. E-ink is also the ideal display for reading in direct sunlight since it reflects ambient light rather than emitting its own light. A hybrid e-ink- LCD iPad would give users the best of both worlds.

Apple has not said wether they will use this technology, but this patent application shows that they are at least looking into it.

Source: AppleInsider

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