Review: iCab Mobile Gives iPhone and iPad Users Tabbed Browsing and More

Posted on April 8, 2011 by

Don’t get me wrong, I love Safari for iPhone and iPad, but Apple seems to be getting a little lazy when it comes to adding much needed features. iCab Mobile is a web browser for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that gives you awesome features like fullscreen mode, tabs, download manager and Dropbox support.

iCab Mobile is available as a universal app in the App Store for $1.99. Some of the features are highlighted below, but you can check it out in the App Store for the full list. iCab Mobile gives you the same fast browsing experience you are used to on Safari, but with some extra features that are well worth the $1.99 price tag.

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    iCab Mobile comes with several default search engines you can choose from. You can easily add new search engines. Search suggestions from google and yahoo can be activated on the iPad. It’s also possible to search within a web page.
    iCab Mobile can save web forms and restore the form content later (manually or automatically). The saved forms data can be password protected.
    There’s a built-in and customizable URL-based filter. The default filters block many advertising banners. You can edit, add or remove filters. It’s possible to switch off images to save bandwidth.
  • TABS:
    iCab Mobile supports Tabs, so you can open multiple web pages at the same time. Links can be opened in Tabs (in the foreground or background) manually or automatically. iCab can save the tabs when quitting so these can be loaded even when being offline, the next time the App is launched.
    Bookmarks can be organized in folders. You can import/export the bookmarks from/to your PC/Mac browser. Bookmarks can be also saved as “Offline Bookmarks” which can be even opened without an internet connection.
    iCab Mobile provides a fullscreen mode where the whole screen is used to display the web page. No screen space is wasted for toolbars.
    iCab Mobile has a built-in Download Manager so you can download almost all files from the internet. The downloads can be easily transfered to a Mac/PC/Linux computer but also to other Apps on the device which can open these files (iOS 3.2 or newer required).
    The unique “Scrollpad” feature lets instantly scroll to any location within a web page (Tap with three fingers on the screen to activate the Scrollpad).
    iCab Mobile itself can be password protected. When password protection is on, you can enable a guest mode with limited privileges which is available without a password. The guest mode can have its own subset of bookmarks and search engines.
    iCab Mobile supports Dropbox. Export/Import bookmarks; transfer downloads, images, files, web pages to your Dropbox account.


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