Squrl Lets You Collect Videos on the Web to Watch Later on iPhone, iPad or TV

Posted on April 13, 2011 by

Squrl is a cool service that lets you collect videos from many different sites and watch them on one simple website or on your iPad and iPhone with the Squrl app. When you sign up with Squrl, they have you create a bookmarklet in your browser. When you come across a video you want to watch later, just press the bookmarklet button and it will be saved to your Squrl queue. You can also add videos or subscriptions to specific galleries for better organization. Squrl lets you link with Facebook and Twitter to easily share videos with friends.

The iPhone and iPad app supports AirPlay, so you can stream any of your videos to your Apple TV, which is pretty awesome. The app also supports Push Notifications so you can be alerted when new videos are available to watch.

Currently, support for Squrl is limited. When trying to save videos to my queue, I would get a message that said “tough nut, will be Squrled soon” on many different sites, including some YouTube videos. I asked Squrl support what this meant and they said that it’s  a general message meaning they were not able to immediately collect the video, however they will analyze the attempt and add it to the queue later. They are planning on having more specific messages in the near future, and over time the messages will appear less often.

Squrl is completely free, so even though it’s not perfect yet, it’s still pretty cool and worth checking out. Check out their website at www.squrl.com and the iPhone and iPad app in the App Store.

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