Apple Releases iOS 4.3.2

Posted on April 14, 2011 by

Apple just released a software update for all iOS devices. The new version of iOS is 4.3.2, except for the Verizon iPhone, which is listed as 4.2.7. The update features minor bug fixes and security patches.

  • Fixes an issue that occasionally caused blank or frozen video during a FaceTime call
  • Fixes an issue that prevented some international users from connecting to 3G networks on iPad Wi-Fi + 3G
  • Contains the latest security updates

The fix for the issue of a blank or frozen video during a FaceTime call has nothing to do with the claims a few Apple Discussions users made about the iPhone randomly taking pictures of them while they weren’t using it. Those claims are believed to be made up since the posters have no proof and the issue has not been able to be reproduced by anyone reporting on it.

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