iPhone 4 Steering Wheel Peripheral for Racing Games

Posted on April 15, 2011 by

This iPhone 4 gaming controller is actually more like a case. It uses the headphone jack for audio output to its speakers, but thats the only connection from the iPhone to the controller. The controller relies on the iPhone 4’s three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer. It’s very similar to the way the Nintendo Wii Wheel works, giving users more control and a steering wheel feel for racing games….well, a tiny steering wheel.

The iPhone 4 wheel cost $19 (1,599 yen) before shipping and is available at donya.jp (English Translation).


  • Textured silicone coating
  • Mount iPhone 4 through 3.5mm earphone jack (same way Square is mounted), but the connector is for sound only.
  • The two round silver balls are not analogue sticks. They are speakers. It requires optional Nokia BL-5C battery.
  • Headphone jack output near power switch
  • Charges through USB (through the headphone port? WTF?)


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