ClickToFlash is a Must-Have Safari Extension, Save Battery & Lower CPU Usage

Posted on April 20, 2011 by

ClickToFlash is an awesome Safari Extension that prevents the Flash plug-in from running. It replaces any Flash content on a webpage with a placeholder that says Flash. Just click on the placeholder and the Flash content will play. The coolest thing about ClickToFlash is that it will replace Flash videos from many websites with H.264 video, which Safari plays natively.

Check out ClickToFlash on Apple’s Safari Extensions Gallery or install it here.


  • Block evil Adobe Flash
    Flash only when you want it.
  • One-click Flash loading
    View blocked Flash with just one click.
  • Higher quality YouTube
    Play videos in QuickTime, not Flash.
  • Lowered CPU usage
    Browse the web more quickly.
  • Better battery life
    Browse the web longer on your laptop.
  • Less fan usage and heat
    Browse the web quietly and cooly.


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