Review: SugarSync Offers Awesome Cloud-Based Storage and Syncronization

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SugarSync is a cloud-based storage solution like nothing else out there. If you are familiar with online backup services like Mozy, Backblaze and Carbonite, SugarSync offers the same type of file security, yet so much more. It also lets you sync your data in real-time to other computers and devices. SugarSync is the one stop solution for file backup, sharing, collaboration, synchronization and much more.

Unlike most online backup services which backup your files on scheduled time intervals, SugarSync offers real-time backups. So the second one of your files is changed, it is securely backed up and synced to all your other devices. SugarSync also offers version history and lets you restore the previous five versions of all your files. This is a must-have for anyone who has accidentally saved over a file or made changes and later realized they wanted to go back to the way it was before. I love this feature and have used it many times. And even though it saves previous versions of your files, only the most recent version of each file counts toward your storage limit.

Backup is only the start of what SugarSync has to offer. SugarSync works perfectly at keeping your files synchronized across all your computers and devices. For example, when you make a change or create a file on your iMac, it is instantly updated on your MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone and many other compatible devices. It even works with Windows for those not fortunate enough to own a Mac. When other cloud storage services like MobileMe’s iDisk or Dropbox only let you synchronize one folder, SugarSync lets you choose any folder on your computer to sync and where you want to sync them to. For example, you could choose to have your documents and desktop folders synchronized on your MacBook Pro and iMac, but keep only your documents folder synchronized on your MacBook Air. The customization SugarSync offers is awesome.

SugarSync iPad app

SugarSync offers great features for your photos, videos. SugarSync lets you easily create photo albums online and share them with your friends, family and colleagues. You can also publish these albums directly to Facebook. One of my favorite photo features is the ability to instantly upload a photo to SugarSync after it’s snapped on your iPhone. This is a simple solution for accessing your photos from your computer without having to connect your iPhone with a cable or emailing them to yourself. SugarSync also lets you share videos by sending a link to the file by email.

SugarSync was ahead of other companies like Google and Amazon for streaming your entire music library to your iPhone, iPad, computer or other Internet-connected devices. You can also sync your music to your iPhone so you can listen even if you are offline.

With SugarSync, you can easily share files and folders with others. There are some great features for collaborating on projects. Instead of emailing files back and forth between different individuals, you can share a folder that instantly keeps in sync with any changes. There are security options which include requiring a password for shared folders or making it so others can only view files and not make changes.

All of your data is transferred securely while using SugarSync. They use TLS (Transport Layer Security) and is stored in the cloud in an encrypted format using 128-bit AES, the same protection level used for online financial transactions.

I highly recommend checking out SugarSync. Making sure your files are backed up is one of the most important steps in using a computer, and SugarSync does a great job at it, plus so much more.

Sign-up for a free 30-day trial of SugarSync’s 30GB, 60GB 100GB or 250GB plans. Anyone can also choose the 5GB free plan which requires no credit card or monthly payment.

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  1. Dave Bl says:

    I try both Dropbox and Sugarsync, and finaly use Sugarsync most of the time.

    If you what to try :

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  2. bakgwei says:

    Nice article, thank you for this quick overview. I personally have been using Sugarsync for a long time now and am more than happy. Not only are they cheaper than most of its competitors, they also offer by far the best product in the market today.

    Also, if you use the following link to sign up for Sugarsync, you now get 5.5 GB of free online storage forever:

  3. irriserv says:

    Sugarsync works fine but the price is sky high, you can get unlimited real online storage (read time machine images) along with iFolder that works as well as or better than Sugarsync without any of the restrictions for $29 per year at

  4. eli says:


    Online Storage Solution doesn’t even have half the features SugarSync does. If you were only paying for storage space for backups then yes, SugarSync is expensive, but that’s not all you get. Read my review and check out their site and you’ll see what it is you are paying for. Considering everything SugarSync offers, the prices are very reasonable.

    Here’s how SugarSync compares to the competition: