RUMOR: MacBook Air Update Coming in July

Posted on June 29, 2011 by

Rumors have been going around for a while now about Apple bringing Intel’s Sandy Bridge chips to the MacBook Air models. This would also bring Thunderbolt technology, which is already available on the iMac and MacBook Pro. The latest rumor comes from AppleNApps, who say several sources claim that Apple plans to release the new MacBook Airs alongside OS X Lion on Tuesday, July 19th.

Sources have indicated to AppleNApps that Apple has an internal launch date of July 19th for Mac OS X Lion and a refresh of the MacBook Airs. This is the target date under which the company is currently operating, though both sources are indicating that things can change. Our sources have just seen indications, and can’t be entirely certain, but if everything goes according to plan there will be a new MacBook Air shipping with Lion starting July 19th.

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