How to Discard Resume and App Window Restore when Quitting Lion Apps

Posted on July 27, 2011 by

Mac OS X Lion has an awesome new feature that will restore windows when quitting and reopening apps. For example, if you close Pages, it will automatically open each document you had open when you last quit the app. This is a great feature, but sometimes you may want to temporarily disable it when quitting an app.

Lets say you open a bunch of PDFs in Preview, if you are done with them, you probably don’t want them all to reopen next time you launch Preview. There is a simple solution to this, just hold down the Option key when quitting an app, and Lion will discard all resume information. So you can either press Command-Option-Q or hold down Option when quitting from the app’s menu.

If you would like to disable the restore feature completely, you can find the setting under General in System Preferences.

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